Tuesday, October 02, 2012


This was Adam Champ's very first scene with us and I remember how very hot the Sacramento weather was that day. Once Adam took off his clothes and started playing volleyball with COLT Man Chris Wide we all knew we had a superstar in Adam! Chris could barely hit the ball!  But he loves Latin men and once he found out that Adam was his partner, the scene didn't even need a director! I remember the only thing that I kept having them do, was stop and keep hitting the ball back over the net to get enough footage of this before the scene started! They kept at each other and wouldn't stop. Watch now to see it all unfold before your very eyes! Happy viewing!

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Benicio Altagracia said...

Traduciendo su comentario, me doy por enterado que este film fue la primera escena porno de Adam.
Realmente dejo sin lugar a dudas sorprendido a todos los que la han visto de la misma manera que yo. Fue de gran profesionalidad como si hubiese tenido una larga trayectoria.
Es un orgullo para Argentina.