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SUBJECT: COLT Men Carlo Masi and Adam Champ to Write for Maleflixxx TRIBE

Feburary 20, 2009, Toronto, ON - It was announced today by both COLT Studio Group and Sureflix Digital Distribution, owners and operators of the Maleflixxx Network, that COLT Men Carlo Masi and Adam Champ will be the newest writers for the Maleflixxx TRIBE, an online blogging community for the gay porn fanatic. After weeks of collaboration, both blogs have now gone live and will spotlight the lives of these two porn icons. To see the first entries of Masi and Champ, click here!

Look for intimate details of the “ins and outs” of being a COLT Man and personal pictures from the lives of this real-life couple. The blogs will give fans a unique glimpse at the lives of two of the most recognizable figures in the gay adult entertainment industry. The blogs are scheduled to be updated regularly and will also feature video clips in the coming months.

When asked about this latest venture, John Rutherford, owner of COLT Studio Group, stated, “This is yet another way for some of the COLT Men to reach out to their fans and share their lives.” Rutherford continued, “I am incredibly pleased with our relationship with Maleflixxx and the respect with which they treat the COLT Men. They are able to deliver the best while also succeeding in continuing the fantasy – not an easy task in the age of immediate information”.

The Maleflixxx TRIBE is a community site that will offer users the latest industry news, juicy blog articles from “Tribal Leaders”, and live news feeds from some of the top industry news sites on the web. In addition, users will have access to movie picture galleries, reviews, exclusive behind the scenes footage, star interviews, and some of the funniest tube videos ever seen. Click here to visit the Maleflixxx TRIBE.

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