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Saturday 18th of October

Adam Champ and Carlo Masi celebrated their joint birthdays in the most spectacular way last Saturday night.

COLT Men Emeritus Carlo Masi, COLT men Adam Champ threw the biggest party that Rome has seen this year!

Between 3000 and 4000 people where present at the GORGEOUS last Saturday wishing Adam and Carlo a Happy Birthday. An entire area, the hyper-privet, was dedicated to the most important artists from the Italian TV shows who wanted to be present at this event. Singers, actors, producers and lots of stars frequented the V.I.P. area in the most successful party of the year.

Carlo and Adam performed a sexy strip tease with a comedic edge and than passed out ice-cream to all of those who were admitted in the VIP area.

After enjoying the company of some friends at their private table including Carlo’s father, our two idols went on the main stage and distributed COLT products to the frenzied crowd.

But don't take our word for it, let these pictures do the talking!

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In Bed with Papi Chulo :: ADAM CHAMP


Papi Chulo’s BLOG proudly presents an exclusive interview series titled "In Bed with Papi Chulo." This series will feature the hottest stars in mainstream and adult media.

Adam_champ_shot_01Adam Champ (Born: October 10) has been working in the adult industry since 2002. But, it was two and a half years ago that he signed an exclusive contract with powerhouse production company COLT Studio. It was on his first film shoot that he met his partner Carlo Masi.

The 32-year-old performer instantly became a fan favorite. His massive arms, powerful chest, and 8" uncut thick dick are the things porn fans dream of.

Adam_champ_exclusivesAdam Champ has become synonymous with the ideal COLT Man. He has graced the covers of the Minute Man 29 - Built and the classic Naked Muscles: The New Breed (in which he’s featured in two scorchingly hot scenes).

I sat down with Adam to chat about how he got into the adult industry … how he linked up with COLT Studio … his romance with Carlo Masi … his departure and return to COLT Studio … and his new projects …

Csp011_adam_champ_pgPapi Chulo: How long have you been in the adult industry?

Adam Champ: I signed an exclusive contract with COLT Studio two and a half years ago. But I’ve been working in the adult industry since 2002, dancing at the Gaiety Theatre in NYC and at the Nob Hill Theater in San Francisco.

PC: How did you get into the adult industry?

AC: Actually a COLT Studio recruiter found me four years ago and he made me the proposal to sign a contract with the company. At the beginning, I was refuting his invitation. After a year and a half I decided to join them.Adam_champ_pg

PC: How did you come up with your porn name?

AC: (LOL) Many people ask me about this. John Rutherford, COLT Studio owner, and I picked the name out together. "Adam" is for the first man. John told me, "You are going to be a number one." "Champ" is in reference to champion, because I competed in bodybuilding contests when I was in Argentina. I was always getting into the top three positions.

PC: Have you always been interested in doing porn?

AC: No. I was interested in modeling, but not porn.Action_s3_07

PC: What was your first day on porn set like? Do you remember what film it was for?

AC: Yes of course. It was during the shooting of Waterbucks 2. I was not nervous at all. It was very natural for me. Actually, I like to be naked and I like for people to look at me.

Action_s3_01 Action_s3_02
Action_s3_05 Action_s3_06

Adamchamp_pg Adamchamp_x
Csp011_s3_05 Csp011_s3_08

PC: Who has been your favorite co-star to work with?Csp011_s3_02

AC: I think all the boys I have worked with. They were excellent performers. But, Carlo Masi got my heart.

PC: What do you enjoy most about filming scenes?

AC: I like to seduce the camera and get the attention all the time.

PC: What is your sexual role in films? Is your sexual role different off-screen?

AC: I am only a top. A very aggressive one. I don’t like giving oral sex in movies. Off-screen I am most of the times the top and I love giving oral sex to my man, Carlo.Adam_champ_shot_03

PC: Did you do any work in the industry before signing on with COLT Studio?

AC: Before signing to COLT I was under a Mexican TV contract. But things didn’t work out. So I quit and moved to San Francisco.

PC: What made you decide to be a COLT Man?

AC: I have always admired Jim French’s COLT Men. They are iconic and an inspiration to everyone. Actually, I was strongly seduced by the idea to become a COLT Man, because I consider those models like the top of masculinity and the most beautiful men on the earth.

Adam_champ_shot_12PC: How long have you been an exclusive with COLT?

AC: Two and a half years. And I signed a multi-year contract with them this year.

PC: You are romantically involved with Carlo Masi … How did you two meet?

Adam_champ_shot_15AC: Yes, I am very, very romantically involved with him. We met during the shooting of Waterbucks 2 in Sacramento, California. It was my first production. He was behind me all the time, trying to be nice, or starting conversation. But, I must admit, I was totally indifferent with him. I was focused on the COLT photo shoot and not him.

PC: Was the relationship easier to initiate because both of you are in the adult industry?

Adam_champ_shot_11AC: Not at all. It is not easy. Especially at the beginning, it was not easy. It was very hard. We were fighting all the time. We both like to fight, and yell, and make scandals. But with time … things got better. It doesn’t mean we still don’t fight. We are very jealous and possessive.

Csp011d_hr_f Csp011d_hr_b

PC: What has been your favorite movie to work on?

AC: Naked Muscles: The New Breed is one of my favorites.

PC: How would you describe an ideal scene that you would star in?

Adam_champ_shot_10AC: I would love to shoot a scene in a room with many mirrors around. I’d wear leather and touch myself, while three boys are doing everything I am commanding them to do. It will be a very hardcore scene. I love leather. OK the rest you can imagine.

PC: What is your ethnicity?

AC: My mother’s background is French and my father’s is Arabian.

PC: Where were you born?

AC: Buenos Aires, Argentina.

PC: How often do you work out?

AC: I work out five times during the week.

PC: You have a phenomenal physique … Do you perform a specific regimen to stay so muscularly fit?

Adam_champ_shot_02AC: Not really. I was blessed by God. I love to eat.

PC: How and when did you lose your virginity?

AC: OK, I was 24 … yes 24! I was not interested in sex before. At the gym where I was working out, there was a boy who always was nice and was taking care of me. But I didn’t realize about his intentions until he openly had to tell me, because I never was going to recognize he wanted to have sex with me. I explained to him that I had no experience. He took my answer as a "no," but later I decided to have sex with him. It happened at the garage in his house. It was only one time, but it was not a very good experience.

PC: What do you enjoy doing sexually?

Adam_champ_shot_06AC: I like to kiss a lot. I love oral sex and I really enjoy taking pics when I am having sex. I really like to watch when my dick is going in and out of a beefy ass.

PC: What is your ideal sexual encounter?

AC: I think all situations are ideal for sex encounters. Simple and plain situations are perfect.

PC: Do you get into any fetishes?

AC: I love leather.

PC: Earlier this year, you and Carlo left COLT Studio … Then a few Csp013_adamchamp_pgmonths later … you guys returned to the studio and signed a new multi-year contract … Tell me a little about what was going on during that time.

AC: Honestly, I prefer not to make any comments on this situation.

As it is well known, studios are under an economical crisis. When my first contract expired, I didn’t accept the new conditions. So I decided to leave the company. It was about money and nothing else. Later COLT Studio kept on the negotiations until Carlo and I accepted new contracts.

Cmm029_adam_champ_pg Cmm029_adam_champ_x
Csp011_s1_01 Csp011_s1_02

Csp011_s1_05 Csp011_s1_08
Csp012_s3_06 Csp012_s3_09

Csp011_s3_01PC: You have an official website … What can your fans find on your site?

AC: My official site is Fans can find all my pics and movies. Plus fans can get in contact with me during my hot web cam shows. Also, I have a blog where you can check all the updates on my site (www.adam-champ. It is written in English and Spanish.

PC: One of your most recent films is Massive … In it you are featured in a super hot scene with Csp014s54Mitch Branson … Tell me a little about the filming of that scene.

AC: Mitch is not one of my favorite co-stars, but the scene was great. We both had a good time and enjoy every minute during the shoot.

PC: What kind of projects are you currently working on?

AC: Carlo and I are living in Rome now. So we are hardly working on films, we are busy organizing shows in Europe. October will be the start of our new European tour, which will bring us to many Italian cities, as well as Paris, Madrid and Greece again. This past July, Csp013_s2_04we finished our third Mexican tour. It was exhausting … 15 cities in six weeks. This time we were performing in Guatemala in Central America.

PC: What are your future plans in the industry?

AC: At the moment we are working when the company requires us. It Adam_champ_shot_14depends on COLT Studio, when they want us for a movie shoot. In the meantime, I am promoting my image worldwide in magazines and making sex shows.

PC: Now I am going to ask you 7 questions that I like to call … "Papi Chulo’s LIST" … These seven questions have been asked to all of my interview subjects … What are your Top 5 favorite television shows?

AC: The Simpsons. South Park. Desperate Housewives. E! True Hollywood Story. The Girls Next Door.

Adam_champ_shot_04PC: McDonald’s Big Mac or Burger King’s Whopper?

AC: McDonald’s Big Mac.

PC: Disney or Warner Bros?

AC: Disney.

PC: What’s your favorite color?

AC: Yellow.

PC: What’s your favorite sexual position?

AC: All positions where I can see my dick plowing.

PC: What’s your favorite curse word?

AC: Suck my cock.

PC: If you could be anywhere right now … Where would you be?

AC: Where I am now … Rome.

PC: Well this brings us to the end of our interview … Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

AC: Thanks to everyone to make me what I am and supporting me. I really enjoy when any of you send me warm, nice, or dirty emails. It is an amazing sensation when you boys recognize me on the street and show me all your love. I love you!


Cmm029d_f Cmm029d_b